Sun & Moon Resort

Experience the Luxury Of Hospitality

Wedding Bells

Make your Dream Wedding come true

Take a Break

An Adventure to remember


Day out to relax your mind and body

The Destination to 
  • Escape the Reality
  • Enjoy with Friends
  • Plan your Dream Wedding

The Destination to
  • Escape the Reality
  • Enjoy with Friends
  • Plan your Dream Wedding

Amazing Hospitality

Fabulous Food


Facing the Bentota river and walking distance to the beach, Sun and Moon Resort is built in a breathtaking place. A 90-minute drive from Colombo. It is located in the estuary where the Bentota River connects to the Indian Ocean.

With all the facilities and services Suna and Moon resort is packed with excitement and comfort. Quality, Reliability, and Luxury are our main priorities.

Sun and Moon resort is established in 1992 and seans the customer satisfaction is very high. We offer our customers the best experience that they can get and we always exceed their expectations. We always take care of our customers and we love doing it.


Sun & Moon Resort offers a large variety of hospitality services including Elegant Weeding halls, an Open Bar, and Adventure and Day outing events. Every service provided by us is of International standards. Every staff member working with Sun and moon Resort is trained and inspected by management. We always take care of our customers and to satisfy customers we provide the below amenities.

Our Amenities

  • Open Bar
  • Free WIFI Internet
  • Swimming Pool
  • 24h Security
  • Air conditioning
  • TV
  • Hammock on the riverside lawn
  • Outdoor gardens & lawns
  • Beach access
  • Boat rides and Jetski rides
  • Parking

Fabulous Food

Our Chefs and kitchen staff are well trained in International plates and Local cuisine. They are ready to satisfy your requests at any time. Our regular customers know the taste and they regularly visit Sun and Moon resort because of the fabule food.



Advance Adventure

Day Outing

Sun and Moon Respor is offering many adventure events to enjoy and all the information can be found on the Adventure Page. Click the below button to visit now.